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L.M. Cole Has a Celebrity Crush

L.M. Cole has been alive long enough to have more celebrity crushes than she can count. In order to quell the shame of her childhood love for Billy Ray Cyrus and to bolster solidarity with other writers who surely have an embarrassing devotion to some celebrity, L.M. Cole as guest editor for JAKE wants your musing, memoirs and heartfelt missives for your celebrity crushes.

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S.T. Brant Is Mixing It Up

I’m more geared toward the abstract, the metaphysical, the romantic, and that shifts away from the overtly personal and the confessional (I don’t harbor an antipathy towards those, simply my natural instinct reacts stronger to the former and foremost to the former than the later). But most importantly, I hope to curate a strong batch of writing that makes JAKE stand out.

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Frances Klein Wants a Poet's Guide To Earth

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Elia Karra's srch fr th mmrs

Elia Karra hates 2022 and wishes she could go back to 2005. As time machines haven’t been invented yet, she wants you to send JAKE your 00s memories, obsessions, confessions, and school bathroom conversations, your characters clad in Canadian tuxedos and crowned with frosted tips, your pieces set in malls and MySpace blogs.

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Katherine And Natalie Are Anti-Time

It's getting to be the end of the year. Or is it? We are looking for flash fiction and poetry that contemplate the future or challenge the linear progression of time entirely. Your New Year’s resolution to go to the gym more? Boring. So why not imagine a post-apocalyptic wasteland filled with rhinoceros-sized bed bugs and radioactive gerbils? Or maybe you were ten years old yesterday but tomorrow you’ll be seventy-four. Surprise us.

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Kaydance's Seasonal (Movie) Sestina Spectacular!!!!!!

Sestinas!! Holiday movies!!!! Sestinas about holiday movies!!!! 

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Elena Wants to Get Stabbed by an Icicle

Is the icicle physical? Is it emotional? A phallic symbol? A spiritual metaphor? A scientific wonder? The least traceable murder weapon? All of the above? 

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Ashley's 'Last Call' Call

I've always enjoyed that half hour or so when a bar is closing down for the night. You don't have time for a fancy cocktail or a full meal. You get one more treat, something small, something to end the night on a high note. A little bit of comfort at the end.As 2023 winds down, I want to read your final thoughts for the year. Give me your nostalgia, your existential crises, your 4:00 a.m. Notes app fever dreams, your True Detective "I just want you to stop saying odd shit" shit. Let's close out on a weird note.

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nat raum Presents the JAKE Biennale

a fun fact about nat raum: they were an artist before they were a poet. but not the kind of artist that’s super into the rules, which is why nat is looking for wild and weird and wonderful ekphrastic poems! 

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