Summer Reading + Bonfire at Bolsa Chica State Beach

Come hear Melissa Flores Anderson, Alannah Guevara, Erica Rivera and more, roast some marshmallows, and maybe take a late night dip in the Pacific!

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Past Events

JAKE at Conversations and Connections, D.C. (4/13/24)

EIC Ben Shahon and Flash Fiction Editor Trent Brown will be in DC to support Barrelhouse Magazine's Conversations and Connections conference. Come out to get the best practical advice on writing from both indie lit stalwarts like Barrelhouse, TBQ, American Short Fiction and more!

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Small Press Night at Village Bookstore, Manhattan! (3/24/24, 5:30-7:00 p.m.)

With readings by EIC Ben Shahon (A Collection for No One to Read), Poetry Editor Laurel Reynolds (Swallowing the Ash), and friends of the mag Lexi Kent-Monning (Burden of Joy) and K. Hank Jost (MadStone)! Come to hear us read, stay to buy some books!

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The Big Stream (2/23/24, 7:00 p.m.- 2/24/24, 7:00 p.m.)

Come join JAKE and friends for a 24hr. livestream on YouTube as we raise funds for the first round of chapbooks! Special guests include: Alex Carrigan, Emma Burnett, Elliot Coates, nat raum, Victoria Hood, C.M. Green, Katherine Schmidt, Ellie Anton, Melissa Flores Anderson, Ly Faulk, Willow P. Delp, Aymon Langlois, Aleah Keske, Robyn Schelenz, Elia Karra, L.M. Cole, Damhuri Muhammad, Katherine Schmidt and the JAKE team!

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JAKE & HAD in Boston (11/18/2023, 7:00 p.m.)

With readings by Aymon Langlois, Cheryl Pappas, Laurel Reynolds, Barrett Bowlin, and Aaron Burch

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Halloween from Thebes (10/27/23)

With readings by Cat Casey, Mason Cashman, C.M. Green, and Ben Shahon. Musical pairing: Jenny from Thebes by The Mountain Goats (2023).

When even the band shouted this event out!

JAKE Presents: Live on the Internet! (5/12/2023)

Readings by: Kit Steitz, Elia Karra, Bethany Browning, Melissa Flores Anderson, Victoria Hood, Kim kjagain Moes, Dave Nash, Scott Mitchel May, and Marie-Louise McGuinness. (Co Hosted by C.M. Green, Laurel Reynolds, and Ben Shahon)

Watch Pt. 1 on YouTube

JAKE Presents: Live on the Internet! Pt. 2 (5/13/23)

Readings by: V. Brancazio, Jill McCabe Johnson, nat raum, Lawrence George Jaffe, Caroline Warner, M.R. Mandell, Corey Paige, and Robert Nazar Arjoyan. (Co Hosted by Inbal Gilboa, Laurel Reynolds, and Ben Shahon)

Watch Pt. 2 on YouTube