The Obvious Answer

after Road, dir. M. Kijowicz, 1971

The Obvious Answer
Photo by Jens Lelie / Unsplash

by David Wojciechowski

When coming to a fork in the road, become two of you. Or rather, become two halves of you. When a half of you comes to a fork, let it dream of the other half, pull that half from the dream, and let it go down the alternate path. Continue this way. Walking, dreaming of parts of yourself, and sending those parts away.

David Wojciechowski is the author of Dreams I Never Told You & Letters I Never Sent (Gold Wake, 2017) and the chapbook Koniec (End) (Greying Ghost, 2023). His poems can be found in BateauBending GenresHADMeridian, Willow Springs, and elsewhere. David is a freelance graphic designer and can be found at and on Twitter and Instagram @MrWojoRising.