The Filthy Bass at 0:44 on "...goingtohell" by Miguel

brittle, brutal words / slowly losing volume

The Filthy Bass at 0:44 on "...goingtohell" by Miguel
Photo by Manuel / Unsplash

by Bibi Balkhi

snapback of a stick meant to flex
she made a big bad man go boom
right in the solar plexus
ripped up spit cracked run dug lifted poled 
showed the show
hollow shudder
let it hurt

gnawing against corner wall - the end nears
it was purely a liquid sound
brittle, brutal words 
slowly losing volume
pure silence behind her
she hops over the livewires

frantic heartbeats and electric wails
I still hear the thrumming
the electricity came back
let it be

Bibi Balkhi is an artist and writer based in Metro Vancouver, and she's finally slaying the beast of procrastination to submit her works again. She lost her attention span to Covid exposure and the mundanity of a 9-5, but she's clawing her way back into coherency. In her free time, she enjoys creating and consuming surreal art, and falling into obscure Wikipedia spirals when she should be asleep. She names all of her pets after snacks because they're cute enough to eat, and she also enjoys cooking (the two are unrelated). She hopes you enjoy her work!