Modern Poetry

The moon.

Modern Poetry
Photo by Warren / Unsplash

by Ashley Varela

Something about a 7-Eleven hot dog,
the point mutation of a songbird.

               Flight pattern, flight pattern, flight pattern.
               The first bone you broke, the sound it made.

Your mother in a bathrobe.
Your father in the same bathrobe.

               Soda, a variation of summer.
               In your hometown, more & less common trees.

Two mouths growing stickier
and how it relates to desire.

               The essential likeness of a knife
               and a knife in his hand.

In the middle of winter,
the groundhog's rounding error.

               The moon. The moon.
               The moon.

Obvious statement: profound observation,
something about love.

Ashley Varela is a queer writer & author based in Seattle, Washington.