When You're In Love With a Poet

Wind bristles my bones as I shiver through our vacant city.

When You're In Love With a Poet
Photo by Mia Baker / Unsplash

by M.R. Mandell

M.R. Mandell (she/her) is a writer living in Los Angeles. A transplant from Katy, Texas, she now lives by the beach with her muse, a Golden Retriever named Chester Blue (at her feet), and her longtime partner (by her side). You can find her work in Chill Subs, Boats Against the Current, The Final Girl Bulletin Board, Dorothy Parker’s Ashes, little somethings press, The Bloom, JAKE, Roi Faineant, and others.

Forthcoming: Stanchion Zine, Anti-Heroin Chic, and Fine Print.