The Unification of Time

Violet knew the secret of the gods and why they are gods

The Unification of Time
Photo by K. Mitch Hodge / Unsplash

by Adora Williams

After the dream within the dream
Dreamt by the dreamer one who’s unknown
I know time goes in our eyes and our eyes
And it stops and starts again
Over and over again
And I know, especially, Violet will keep the leads
Violet will know the titles
The stories we made of our lives
To be part of the history of tomorrow’s future
Just because we feel that need of importance
The cat doesn’t
And the cat lives

After the root that escaped the ground
Violet knew the secret of the gods and why they are gods
That a fall in twoness cannot be risen to the sky
That, in the end, love is but the ability to recognise
Your self — day or night — in the other
That there is a Sun conducting nine strings (a broken one)
And lonely strings lost among three suns

That before the planetary ellipticals
Before the universal measure

All is, in the first senses

That after the planetary ellipticals
After the universal measure

Do-overs, every thing is

Adora Williams is an independent writer and western philosophy scholar who lives in a historic region in Brazil. She is graduated in Journalism and Languages. After writing over 40 thousand lines in 14 years, she published her first anthology, Treasure Mount Trash in May/2022. Currently, she’s working on poetry on the life and work of Sylvia Plath, an anthology in Portuguese and a reimagining of Sappho.