The Sky is Calling

Military or / off-world / secret, perhaps.

The Sky is Calling
Photo by ROBIN WORRALL / Unsplash

by Deborah-Zenha Adams

I don’t know
what it was,
you said,
but phones
are everywhere
and yours captured
the white and red
and green glowing
larger smaller
blurred blurring
sharp small
Military or
secret, perhaps.
I don’t know
what it was
either or
I say I don’t.
I know
that magic
brightens the
dark nights
fire in the sky
is a talisman
brings gifts
sparks life
strikes a match
that shows
the way
and we choose
to grab on
or we don’t
and die.
I know
that a name
isn’t necessary.
Light is
I know
I have
room enough
to believe.

Deborah-Zenha Adams is an award-winning author of novels, short fiction, CNF, and poetry.  Her work has appeared in Adelaide Literary Magazine, The Orchards Poetry Journal, One, Sheila-na-gig, and other journals. You’re invited to visit her website to read more of her work.