The Grass is Half Full

enjoying the result of your efforts.

The Grass is Half Full
Photo by Andres Siimon / Unsplash

by Molly Kinsey

Know that feeling after mowing the lawn for an hour?
Sitting on your deck with a cold beer, a lemonade, or a smoke—
enjoying the result of your efforts.

The smell of fresh cut grass tickles your nose, the sunshine bounces off the short blades of grass bringing satisfied tears to your eyes. Happy little endorphins dance with your brain’s reward center, releasing dopamine throughout your body.

That's how I feel after sex.
Not saying it's a chore—Not at all.

Just that the best part of sex is when
it's over.

Molly Kinsey is a frightened little girl trapped in an adult body. Sometimes when she screams, words tumble onto paper. When she isn't hiding, she spends her time making life worth living. Can a bio be blank?  I feel like this would be better blank.