The Destroyers

healing the land will not come from working beyond our means

The Destroyers
Photo by Everett Bartels / Unsplash

by Kayla-Jane Barrie

healing the land will not come from working beyond our means
or buying to fill the void that has been nurtured by disconnect and empty promises
rushing out days until retirement, when we have earned our right to slow down
you paid your dues, you are welcome to rest, here’s your ticket for freedom
life doesn’t feel worth living because our role has become the destroyers
naming streets after the trees that have been displaced
weeping seeds into the ground
hoping life will arrive from a plot of dead grass
drained of it’s nutrients
like our souls desire for a special delivery, we ship the same day
happiness does not grow in cardboard boxes and curated advertisements
it grows from patience and being tender to the land
when we embark on touching grass, it needs to be more than a trend
it needs to come from the whole heart
to reminder the mother, we are whole,
we just lost our way.

Kayla-Jane is a writer and poet in rural, Ontario. She is dedicated to crafting stories that weave social justice, sci-fi, and the environment. Because life is too short to not live with your head in the clouds. She has a short story published in The Quarantine Review. If you’re ready to start a writing revolution, follow her on IG @kj.poetrytherapy + Twitter @kjcosmicmusings.