Strident Opinion Based on Nothing

For a bunion?

Strident Opinion Based on Nothing
Photo by Wouter Supardi Salari / Unsplash

by Ewen Glass

I told my friend her boyfriend was being dramatic. Fifteen days

with his foot above his heart? For a bunion? Someone's trying to

get out of childcare. She sent me three annotated diagrams of the

procedure: tight ligaments released, bunion shaved, metatarsal cut

and the joint realigned, a small wedge of bone removed to

straighten the toe, the phalanx finally fixed back together. I told

her I was sorry. I guess I thought a bunion was a corn.

Ewen is a Northern Irish poet who lives in England with two dogs, a tortoise and lots of self-doubt; on a given day, any or all of these can be snapping at his heels. His work has been published by, or is forthcoming in, HAD, Bridge Eight, Poetry Scotland and The Passionfruit Review, among others.