Toga parties are life jackets for kids with rich parents.

Photo by Jacob Bentzinger / Unsplash

by Jake Price

Toga parties are life jackets for kids with rich parents.
   Someone pours gold-flake
      vodka from the bottle
         straight into
            your mouth.
      You say it’s the first thing you’ve tasted in years.

Swimming pools, skinny dipping, the smell of chlorine on skin.
   The underwater LED / L$D / $$$
      lights make all
         these straight white teeth
            glow like they
      have souls of their own. They smile.

I am tired of pretending that cocaine is a drug I could
   realistically afford on my own.
      I met you four hours ago,
         your perfume smells like
            lotus flower,
      and          all I need        
is for                    you to
                 look at me

Jake Price is a junior student at Susquehanna University pursuing a degree in creative writing. He was born in Texas and currently resides in Pennsylvania. He spends most of his time reading his work to his cat, Raven, who has yet to give him any feedback. Writing has been a passion of his for as long as he can remember, and he hopes to make it into his career one day. Jake has an Instagram account where he posts his poetry, @nolenprice, that has amassed over 3200 followers as of writing this. His poetry has been published in Rivercraft Magazine, Poet Lore Magazine, and Philadelphia Stories. His short fiction has been published in Cream Scene Carnival and Querencia Press.