Saturn Devouring His PizzaChi

Opis, what is there to do

Saturn Devouring His PizzaChi

by Katy Haas

Opis, what is there to do
what can i do to save him
my offspring emerging
at earth’s entrance
eyes squinting against 
the blinding light of loss
licking and lapping
at all our windows?

Opis, my love for him
is a rock in my body
that i birth and bind 
in pizza dough
in breast milk cheese
to offer to his father’s fangs
and with my love i fling 
my son skyward
where only safety 
can swallow him.

Opis, what do i do now
what can i do but remember
his face crying out for me
the moment he was born
as if his sauce-thick blood
already knew what starving
mouth awaited him,
what spit slick tongue,
what wound would slice
him from my side, 
a severance, a sanctuary.

Katy Haas is a queer non-binary poet, collage artist, and Furby enthusiast from mid-Michigan.  Their work has recently been in HADThe Mersey Review, and elsewhere. Their debut chapbook the algorithm knows i never stopped loving you (Bullshit Lit) is rumored to be about their break-up with their true love: white noise machine. Find them on Twitter (@katyydidnt) & Insta (@mouthshroom).