On my third beer watching "The Decline of Western Civilization"

swords of Damocles hanging over us all

On my third beer watching "The Decline of Western Civilization"
Photo by Timothy Hales Bennett / Unsplash

by Clem Flowers

Slammed down indy Heaven gonna hold a death lock on all our throats like the mountains all indy the horizon charred remains of all the hopes of cacti hearts wafting thru the winter air making every song into a full on rainbow tear ballad the skull of the night threatens to bust out every chest every morning as soon as the realization hits in everyone that the dreams still hang like far off diamonds promising to be a murder of swords of Damocles hanging over us all no carrot all stick no joy all sorry all sorrow we failed again to have any chance of a good feeling again now we wait now we wait the sons the daughters the true kids of the futures we've made will save themselves and leave us to die and so many will scream snarl curse howl on an endless rain as the days dwindle who could really blame them though?

blue dogs will live on though - someone has to stay & sing all the old songs

Clem Flowers (They/ Them) is a poet, soft-spoken southern transplant, low rent aesthete, pizza man lover, gorgeous monstrosity, flamingo enthusiast, potentate of pow, & dramatic tenor living in Home of Truth, Utah with their sweetheart & delight of a spouse, Moon,  as well as their sweet kitty, Luna

Hella queer & Non-binary Pushcart & Best of the Net nominee. 

Publication credits include: Olney Magazine, The Madrigal, Pink Plastic House Journal, fifth wheel press, Bullshit Lit, Corporeal, Holyflea, Anti-Heroin Chic, Messy Misfitsclub & Warning Lines Magazine

author of chapbooks Stoked & Thrashing (Alien Buddha Press,) TWO OUT OF THREE FALLS (Bullshit Lit) eating rain// matchstick graveyard (Alien Buddha Press) Snakeskin Stockings (kith press) motel neon (back room poetry,) I KNOW NOTHING BUT THE NIGHT (Bullshit Lit,) LUSH EYES// BLEED MOONSHINE (naked cat books,) fate'll come around (naked cat books,) New Pansies For The Blue Dogs (naked cat books,) KUDZU (Cowboy Jamboree,) Make The Lights Work For You (fifth wheel press,) and the full length collection I'VE BEEN GOING THRU SOME THINGS (kith books) 

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