Maybe what stays with us is—

that sound of hope

Maybe what stays with us is—
Photo by Evie S. / Unsplash

by Angharad Williams

a moth at the window

breaking the surface of night

you saying you’re scared

that moth hitting glass

that sound of hope

that sharp tap tap

the pillow around our ears

rough confessions

this poem half heard

feeling like we're both the moth here

finding the light distracting too

mistaking lamp glow for stars' warmth

persevering despite knowing

the dust of our hard work

dissolving with the dew

the things done before dawn

the stray hair caught in sheets

the imprint of wings

Angharad Williams (she/her) is a poet living in Manchester, UK. She has previously been published in Petrichor Magazine and Green Ink Poetry and was recently longlisted for the Briefly Write Poetry Prize. You can find her on Instagram and X @angharadpoet