I Baked You

Scant seconds to right / Before the video clock start

I Baked You
Photo by zero take / Unsplash

by Peter Heyns

Eating heating the last remnants
Of our call of our oils
Boil a pot of brown water
I prepare for what very well some experts are calling the final days

Scant seconds to right
Before the video clock starts
To Tech tick and in My an hour
House period my kids
Can’t read
the screen captions, and stat
Instead. It’s starting to fall
They try to read I try to write a 3 o’clock
But there’s a clock, and every question distraction anyone can’t remember what I was going
to say, and they can’t touch the words the words don’t respond in a long they don’t dance
ninja hyper a lot words don’t ring light Mezmerize touch me I’m right here I’m right over
here the line on the other side

And now we’re finished.
It was fun our family motto.
It was fun until, it wasn’t.
And so I baked you a poem, but,
I yeeted it.

Peter Heyns is a father of two living outside Boston, MA. After a long hiatus, he began writing poems again during quarantine, dictated with Speech-To-Text technology into his phone, mostly while hurrying somewhere.