Hyacinthus’ Final Meditation

Enjoy your ascension

Hyacinthus’ Final Meditation
Photo by Kristine Tumanyan / Unsplash

by Kashi Bakshani

Hyacinthus tries to picture Daphne
As he dies but no image comes to mind
Besides Apollo’s cunt ex-girlfriend
(Did they ever fuck?) Was this her same pain?
Guts ripped by gods’ wealthy apathy

Plaything, gossip of Apollo’s boy-toy
Enjoy your ascension
God caresses gentle leaving loving blisters

It’s so sad when the dog dies in the movie
And the owner says
I loved you
Bet he said the same to her

(martyrs have the best graves)

Come spring Apollo cuts hyacinths
At the stem for dinner parties
Lamenting to his guests
On, oh the pain of love

Kashi Bakshani is a queer, South Asian poet from New York City.