Get out of My Head

Have you ever seen a jar of mayo smash on the ground?

Get out of My Head
Photo by Isabela Kronemberger / Unsplash

by Kim Kjagain Moes

We make about as much sense
As a peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich
I'm tangy and full of zip
You on the other hand are so very smooth
(And you don't even know it)

Mind you, peanut butter on a spoon
can be enjoyed for hours
(Tempting - yes)
But would Aristotle approve?
I don't think so

Get out of my head
Who said you could go in there anyway?
Not me. Not me at all.
This head only has room for books and papers
and my family and friends.

Anything else and i'm likely to
Have you ever seen a jar of mayo smash on the ground?
That'd be me.

Step around please,
you don't want to cut your feet.

Kim kjagain Moes of Nanaimo, BC, lives and dreams outside the lines. She likes dandelions, exploring fresh places, and laughing at herself. Her work has appeared in print and online journals, most recently in Fairfield Scribes. On writing, she says, “Write the life we live, explore the lessons not yet learned, and then, eat catharsis for dinner.” Find her on Twitter at @kjagain.