First snow

turning to dust. A sheetless bed.

First snow
Photo by Barbara Kosulin / Unsplash

by Julia Glazebnik

It may always end with him 
riding into the sunset. Dreams 
turning to dust. A sheetless bed.
Buttermilk and daylight, I sit 
in the morning room, knock on wood until
my knuckles go numb. Outside, a baby’s
mother sits on a corner. She waits for the
light to change her.

Julia (she/her) is the a reader and poet from New York.  Drawing inspiration from artists such as Ocean Vuong, Victoria Chang, Tim O’Brien, and many others, her work can be found in/upcoming in the Eunoia Review, the Persimmon Review, Scribere, and a few other corners of the internet. In her free time, she can be found acting as Poetry Executive Editor for the Empty Inkwell Review, a literary magazine which she cofounded with her two best friends, baking lemon scones, playing bass, spending time with her cat, or watching murder mysteries.