freedom from a false sense of connection

Photo by Joseph Chan / Unsplash

by Kayla-Jane Barrie

throughout my mind     repeating      chant
freedom      freedom    freedom
from judgement
              unattainable success
sunflowers reaching for the sky on their own time
freedom from doomscrolling
               creating false dreams in my psyche
freedom from a false sense of connection
           digital desire to hold hands and create a movement
beyond the false livelihood curated by businessmen
who define me as a subscriber, lacking the humanity of a mind
connection is divinity    not a commodity  to be bought
          and          sold

Kayla-Jane is a writer and poet in rural, Ontario. She is dedicated to crafting stories that weave social justice, sci-fi, and the environment. Because life is too short to not live with your head in the clouds. She has a short story published in The Quarantine Review. If you’re ready to start a writing revolution, follow her on IG @kj.poetrytherapy + Twitter @kjcosmicmusings.