euphemism february

From the chapbook *Poems of Color*

euphemism february
Photo by Glen Carrie / Unsplash

by Willow P. Delp

peculiar is a fascinating word. the etymology

stems from the latin word “peculiaris”, which means

               “of private property”.

the word – and the world – operates

as if it has forgotten that some people

were of private property.

i am waiting patiently for this 28-day window

               (occupied partly by

               valentine’s day & president’s day weekend)

the one month, the brief space

in which it is permissible to try to talk

about a certain

peculiar institution.

of private property. the phrase itself is euphemistic – a clever

obfuscation of the unspeakable violence entangled with

being of private property. a trick of the english language,

eternally veiling

the scene of the crime.

Willow Page Delp is a Jamaican-American student, writer, reader, book reviewer and feminist buzzkill. Their work has been published by The Lilac, The Indicator, News Decoder, and All Existing Literary Magazine. They can be found on Instagram at @wxddo

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