Does Anyone Know What This Snake Is?

Is this a Copperhead?

Does Anyone Know What This Snake Is?
Photo by Timothy Dykes / Unsplash

by L.M. Cole

Help, what am I doing wrong? The trash
company never shows up on our service day.
Does anyone know what type of large utility box
is being installed on the east side of Lead Mine?
Do you think this is a Copperhead?

What am I missing? My neighbor put out
their yard waste containers last Thursday.
Does anyone know why there is an ambulance
on Renfield. I couldn’t turn left on that road.
What kind of snake is this?

What is going on? The city is not
fulfilling its obligation. We have a cat
that has shown up which I have not seen
before. I’m still looking for someone.
Is this a Copperhead?

Can anyone help? Did you see a crash on
Capital Boulevard? Looking for recommendations.
Must be a good, honest, efficient, reliable,
honest, good, reasonably priced, creative person.
Can someone tell me what kind of snake this is?

Why is there so much traffic? I tried to take a picture.
I use a landline phone. I can find my photos
on two places on my computer. We have too many
skinks. Missing dog? Is this a UFO? Does anyone know
is this a Copperhead?

Is there anyone named Janice? We received
your copy of Southern Home. Help, please.

L.M. Cole is a poet and artist residing on the US East Coast. Her work has been featured or is forthcoming with Roi Fainéant, Corporeal, The Daily Drunk, JAKE, and others. She can be found on Twitter @_scoops__