After Nikki Giovanni - “Emotional falls always are/the worst/and there are no crutches/to swing back on”

Photo by Leiada Krozjhen / Unsplash

by Julianna May

The emotional ones

make the best

targets moms on a street corner

wrangling three children

all on her own

“dad ran out on us”

she’d say             perfect

I know a Father that will never leave

A man experiencing illness

doc said cancer and the white walls

fade to glass stained with tears

of all possible tomorrows

perfect             touch the hem

jesus will heal you

teens trying not to spend

another weeknight home

between screaming or loneliness

perfect             come watch kids

drink soda through their own socks

and listen how god

is a parent who cares

pass around the collection

plate for newcomers to share

jesus can care when you donate

look for the new building!

renovated so the pastor is

in the pit preaching in the round

there’s a movie theater room

an arcade room

one with a jungle gym

for the littlest ones

perfect come one

come all inside these doors

to heal all hurt

and be lost forever

in a cycle of still

not being enough still

wanting and guilt that follows

like a cat

with a broken paw

this crutch

shows courage

to keep going

even though the

wound won’t heal

from a placebo

Julianna May (she/her) is an ex-horse girl, ex-Christian, and ex-hetero. She loves teaching English and ranting about Shakespeare. She has previously been published in Crepe & Penn Magazine, Nightingale and Sparrow Magazine, Wingless Dreamer Anthology, and others. Instagram: juliannamaypoetry Twitter: JuliannaMay1216