There were many things that I might have said, that I would have liked to have said …

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by Marc Isaac Potter

Samuel Beckett
This might be a list, posing as a novel.

Samuel Beckett, All of his work. Everything. Even Samuel Beckett simply walked down the street from his place of residence to the local cafe in the morning for a java, expresso, and caffeine.

There were many things that I might have said, that I would have liked to have said …

How does the mind of a mentally ill person work? Let’s claim this topic:

”How does the mind of a mentally ill person work?”

This is the real reason behind this document. This notion, idea, and suggestion, will give our more rational, logical-brained friends a context in which to hold, understand, and grok this document.

I want to say the next thing that came into my mind, but instead, I am deferring to those logical, rationally minded folks, of whom I spoke just seconds ago. In order the publish this, to even read this, they will want a reason to bother interacting with this document. If this were just “nonsense” then, of course, it would be even more than a waste of time, it would be literary heresy, an affront to all that success and achievement in this world.

“Let’s conquer the enemy ( i.e. our fellow human beings ) and live happily ever after.”

… the microwave just broke into my reality, my presence, into what I am doing or was doing. I was trying, apparently in vain, to heat some quiet oatmeal. Can oatmeal be quiet? Yes. Recent studies, just published in the North American Annals of Oatmeal (2nd Quarter 2020 Edition) … quoting:

Rats were taught the language of oatmeal so that the groups of participants, the Oatmeal (hereafter referred to as O) and the Rats (hereafter referred to as R)

Language, that is the oatmeal language, and we are speaking here only about - not only North American Oatmeal, but more specifically North American Oatmeal that needs to be cooked on a stove, but not - reviewing the gamut of all types of oatmeal, not the longer cooking oatmeal, such as steel-cut oats. For the sake of this study, we will hereafter, for clarity refer to this oatmeal as RNAO - “Regular” North American Oatmeal - admitted the word ‘regular’ is a secular, not scientific word. We
spent months in committee - our international committee of Oatmealologists, some of whom were distinguished, and some of whom were still getting their degrees or were interns.
We finally settled on the word ‘regular’.

You can see where I am going with this. Once the rats R could talk to the RNAO then R was taught to cook the oatmeal and - only then - let it slowly get cold.

The hot oatmeal was indeed quite Talkative (hereafter noted as QT 1 … ) … Our study shows, repeatedly and, may I say our study quite convincingly, that

Compendium The weekend cook here at the group home did make oatmeal for breakfast, quite a
while ago now; I am just getting to it.

Chapter 02 …

I am trying to tell you something. I do want to reassure you that I will say serious things and also I will say logical things sometimes. Part of this document will seem like an essay I'll be examining philosophical topics perhaps. And I need to tell you that the way my mind works, there will be a lot of non-sequiturs and other things that you regard as silly.

I am trying to say the above sentences in a way that you are comfortable hearing them. There is probably an even possibly common belief that the mind of a mentally ill person Works in a very odd way. I have oftentimes repeated this idea this notion of disbelief because it does explain rather quickly and simply why my writing is the way it is.

Also in many of my writings, it would seem in most of my writings maybe even close to all of my writings are almost all of my writings I have to say something about absurdism and surrealism, or I have to allude to them, or I have to include something about them in the actual creative work itself. Or I have to reference some famous very famous painter or writer or sculptor or other artists who have done absurdism or surrealism and docile and I shred of credibility that I'm not the only one in the universe who has come up with absurdism or surrealism.

I do think that both absurdism and surrealism are more representative of how our mind works and also how we experience the world. It is just that as we go from being a baby to being an adult we learn to automatically and very speedily translate that absurdism its realism into something that other people can supposedly understand. I say supposedly because there is so very much miscommunication in the world. And I have even taught seminars about communication and

When a person has something in their head and by something I mean if thought. When a person has a thought in their head and they want to communicate it back out into the world, there are many many factors at play. I have no idea honestly I swear I had no idea that we were going to talk about this topic but here we are. I honestly thought that this was going to be a work of fiction about a character named Johnny Wilkes but apparently at least temporarily it has nothing to do with Johnny Wilkes

So when a person as of thought, let's look at that situation when a person has a thought.

First of all the person had to get the thought from somewhere. It's the person's brain that might have generated a thought. Or the person might have experienced something that contributed to the thought. Either way when a person generates a thought that thought is clouded with all of the other thoughts they have and all the experiences they have ever had.

Make this very simple let's talk about bravery let's just pick a topic out of the sky bravery. Each person has experienced certain things about bravery maybe they've had bravery in their life or they've had a lack of Bravery; maybe the person has been in discussions about bravery and courage.

That person has four arms certain opinions and values and more about bravery. This accessory society they live in has certain cultural norms and is more about bravery. And whatever thoughts they have formed about bravery have been influenced by all of their experience all the discussions they've had all the experiences they have had.

Now let's imagine that this person wants to communicate something about bravery. Let's say for Simplicity that they want to say something. Of course, they could have communicated in a lot of different ways but for this example let's say that they wanted to say some words about bravery. They are going to use words to communicate something about bravery.

Each word has a certain meaning as earned value. All of that meaning and value has been they did and created by all of the experiences that this person has had. So if they want to say for example:

bravery is the panda's ultimate action.

Even a simple sentence like this is loaded with all of their filters all of their experiences all the judgments and values and decisions they have made throughout their entire lives.

Now imagine that this person is going to try to say some words to another person. And of course, the other person has loaded with all of their prejudices cultural mores values judgments, and their whole life experience so the way they hear the words is very very different from the way the first person had them and what the other person's first-person meant by the words.

And by the way, what I'm telling you right now is old news it's very old news dozens if not hundreds of books have been written about this very concept process idea notion etcetera.

And maybe perhaps one of the things I'm trying to do in this book is document the fact that the human brain works in a very strange way a way that we don't understand and that we don't regard we don't take into account the fact that the brain works in such an odd way we don't familiarize ourselves with the fact that the brain works in such an odd way. We do not filter it in Factor it into the way we communicate or the way we receive Communications or the way the laws are written by the way instructions are given. For example with a person like me who has a disability thing that people say to me almost anything that someone says to me is coming to me way too fast. I'm on trains me for a job the information comes in way too fast. When someone is making a point in the conversation to cover the information is coming in way too fast. When a teacher is teaching something whether it's a Bible study or a seminar the information comes in way too fast.

And not only that but the information does not get repeated enough times for me to become comfortable with it

For me, a lot of information is like a stranger that I met on the street. I have to become comfortable with having a relationship with that information. And I do mean to say that sentence exactly the way I said it I have to become comfortable building a relationship with that information. Once I can do that I have a higher probability of taking that information really into my brain in my heart and having it influence and affect me.

  • 30 -


Chapter 03 …


Certainly, I could say I have a lot of admiration for Johnny Wilkes. I am enamored with his room. He reminds me of someone like Emily Dickinson, who appears pretty much to stay in her room and wrote. Journey Wilkes pretty much stays in his room and writes.

... ...

Several days later. Wed
July 22, 2020.

Missy and Johnny, having coffee.

They talk about Legacy, i.e. what elements make up a person's. legacy.

Johnny orders french fries with his breakfast which sounds disgusting. The waitress would not let him swap out his hash browns for the french fries, so he got the french fries as an add-on order.

Johnny said: so what about my legacy and what about your legacy and what the heck do we do next?

Missy: I think rather than worrying about our Legacy we should worry be worrying about Melissa and Coco. Coco is so very distraught about Melissa being missing. I certainly have a major idea as to where Melissa is. But what can we do to help Coco?

The things that happened on the ship almost defy the imagination. Yes, Melissa helped the entire team Sammy Misty Bob Wilkes Koko and all the rest of them escape the ship. But the way she went about it was no less than horrific. Melissa shot so many of the crew members and seemed so automatically skilled at fighting the crew members, that everyone was quite stunned as to who she had become.

Be outwitted everyone. She outwitted the 47 crew members and Captain Orlando Angie's co-captain whose name I cannot remember. And she did see to it that her mother Coco and Sammy and the rest of the team got away. How did she do this? There was a little speed boat on the ship and she found  an island nearby and directed the team to take the speed boat and go off to the small island. Next, G radioed into the local Navy and had them pick up the team.

Unfortunately, Melissa's agenda was very very different than the rest of the team. Her agenda was to meet up with Martin icing and be someone on his team she wanted to switch teams and as far as we know she successfully did switch teams as you might save from good to evil.

One of the reasons that Missy and Johnny Wilkes figured out that Melissa had truly gone over to the dark side so to speak, why is the fact that her name came up in several major newspapers on the front page as being wanted by Interpol. She quickly became a star player in the Martin ISIS group.

And where does that leave Aurora? Well, the good the skilled work not the good work the skilled work Hub Melissa has temporarily postponed Martin Eissen wanting to find Aurora. Because if he can find a ready-made evil person to do his bidding why would he want to take Aurora and tried to train her from scratch?

So it seems as though, temporarily, Aurora is safe in India.

And yet where does that leave our entire team?

As you may remember Dash and I have a difficult time remembering the story so I'm going to repeat it here for my benefit Dash, Johnny Wilkes and Missy are brother and sister although Missy as you probably remember is adopted. Missy has her hands full running Missy Manor or the manor whichever name you prefer.

And yet being a track time traveler she does get called upon for special projects. And you may remember that Johnny Wilkes is a very beginning time traveler who has a lot to learn and Missy doesn't mind teaching him sometimes although frankly, she does get rather impatient rather quickly.

The reason they are both sitting at Bill and Mary's Diner is Dash for one reason – Jonny Wilkinson steering an empty page for days and days and can't write a damn thing.

Messi has temporarily gotten bored with all the things that happened running a manner Big Board and Care and she too is looking for some action.

But that does not mean that any action is going to come up on the scene. Usually when you don't want any extra action that's when tons and tons of different projects start pouring on top of you. And when you're eager for something new nothing happens and you just have to study the boredom.

. Melissa does move when she's in battle she does move Fiercely and gracefully.

Melissa had the skills long before they were seen in American movies or American culture. So I really think that she is a time traveler who went into the future and studied martial arts and then came back to use that skill for evil.


Today is Thursday. July 23. 2020.

It has been at least one day since I wrote In This Book. I am very glad that I found out that Melissa. Oh, wait I meant to say that differently.

I am very glad that I found out that Martin Eisen has temporarily decided to keep his hands off of Aurora so that he can recruit Melissa Dash and frankly I think she's already been recruited Dash so that he can recruit Melissa and have her be part of his evil team.

I have a couple of questions. Number one how good of a warrior oven evil Warrior is Melissa? Is she at they're not even worried or to like leave one of his team or is she just going to be one of the main foot Warriors are what?

Also, I have a question about Melissa's aging process. You will probably remember from the last book that bone is set and was a one-year-old and then started aging fast so we did a few hours or a few days she was a teenage girl. So what happens to all that aging process is she going to keep aging fast?

………….. ………………………………...
What part does PRIDE ... play?

I notice that - even though Vision/Seeing - plays a big part in the book, what part do the other sense play -






Thursday, July 23, 2020 …

Not only are the days getting mixed up, but also the great stuff that I am reading …

I had a thought, just a few days ago that when I read something that is especially well written, this would help me/ teach me / show me … something about how o be a better writer, most especially how to be a better fiction writer.

Did not Dr. William Carlos Williams write a poem about very cold plums? … There is not enough time in the day. Which tells nothing about Melissa. My theory, totally unresearched, unsubstantiated, unproven, is that somehow - and wouldn’t that be a doozy of a project finding out how he knew … somehow … Martin Eissen knew that Melissa had this special trait/ability/talent. All the while that we - the good guys - thought that we were outfoxing ME perhaps he was just outfoxing us instead; perhaps Coco’s Melissa was his real target all along? Or perhaps I am just overthinking this whole thing.


Marc Isaac Potter aka Marc Isaax Potter  (we/they/them) …  is a differently-abled writer living in the Bay Area.  Marc’s interests include blogging by email and Zen.  Since 2001, Marc has produced a TV Talk show at the Community Access level; the show is called In Our Community. His Twitter handle is @marcisaacpotter.